Mojo Picón

Last night we (anafmora & cataspanglish) went for dinner with Ande Gregson, Kate PickeringSara Bonjoch & Olivier Schulbaum after the #media140 conference. One of the dishes was papas arrugadas with mojo picön which everybody loved & reordered. I promised everybody my receipe which Ana eats by the mortar-load every time I make it. Lo prometido es deuda as they say, so here it is, based on the recipe from the brilliant book by Janet Mendel, “Cooking in Spain” (this is the best book I’ve found about Spanish cooking, & I’ve tested many of the recipes on Ana’s very “authentic” mama. Buy it!)


2 cloves garlic

1 chilli

paprika (to taste – I put about 2 tsp)

cumin (to taste – I put about 1tsp)


3 tbsp olive oil

3 tbsp vinegar

1oo ml water

salt & pepper

Put the garlic & chilli in the the mortar & grind them with the pestle. Add the paprika, cumin, oregano, oil & vinegar and keep mixing. Mix in the water and season with salt & pepper.

Spoon it over anything – fish, spuds, chicken, veg, meat etc. and scoff


5 thoughts on “Mojo Picón

  1. Love these! But how do you get the potatoes to come out wrinkly without absorbing all that salt? Last time I tried, the potatoes were almost inedible. They would have only appealed to a herd of dear at a salt lick!!

  2. I’ve never managed to do the Patatas Arrugadas either – judging by what Janet Mendel says in the aforementioned book, the trick would seem to be very little water.

  3. Right, I’m off to consult my Canary Island cookbook and give it a whirl. Either that or collar that dad in the park from Tenerife. I’ll let you know.

  4. you add sea salt to the water , add the potatoes .once the are soft get rid of the ecess water so the sea salt is still in the pan then over gentle heat being careful not to burn the pan you shake the pan until nearly dry all the potatoes will be covered in the sea sat which will crystalise .put potatoes on to a plate or dish to cool then they will be shrivelled and getly coated .

    I am in the proccess of producing my own canarian dips after living in Tenerife for over 10 years i wanted to do something to remind me of the life i had and wanted to share with others. so i am starting my own business el sablor del sol …. a taste of sunshine ltd .
    to give others a taste of sunshine to make people smile to experience canarian life or to remind thenm of a special memory. or you can email me on I am producing ali oli , mojo picon and mojo verde(cilantro) corriander.

    should be up and running soon.

    Feel free to get in touch

    kind regards


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