Eat the Bikini

This post was inspired by Ben at Notes from Spain who wrote about what he calls “the humble sandwich mixto” – check it out here

In Catalunya this staple of bar-hoppers and niños is known as a Bikini – apparently named after the legendary Barcelona club of the same name, as this was the sandwich of choice of punters filling the bars around the club. Ana happens to make a mean Bik, so we decided to share her recipe.

Remember that this is a cheap bar snack and therefore best made of processed crap that normally wouldn’t get a look-in here, but it just can’t be done any other way (I admit that while I can take the plastic cheese, I do need some real ham, however).

(sorry about the quality of the photos but it’s the best we could do with a hungry 5 year old desperate for his favourite snack)


Sliced white bread (generically known as pan Bimbo)
Processed cheese slices
Ham (jamon dulce or york not serrano)


Start assembling the Bikini – top a slice of bread with the ham and then the cheese & cover with another slice of bread.


Spread margarine over the top, and then place margarine side down in a hot frying pan or skillet.

DSC03121.JPG DSC03122.JPG DSC03124.JPG

Press down with a spatula, then carefully spread margarine over the top (mind you don’t burn your fingers), cooking over a medium flame.
Lift the sandwich up and inspect the bottom – if it is done to your satisfaction, flip it over and get the margarine side down in the pan.
Press down with the spatula again.


When cooked to perfection, wash the Bikini down with favourite brew (or Estrella if you don’t have your favourite brew to hand). If you leave out the ham, this could be a great vegetarian snack too.

Thanks again for the inspiration Ben!

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10 thoughts on “Eat the Bikini

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  3. Thanks for the inspiration Ben, and for resolving the ever present question of what to make for dinner…

  4. This post is brilliant! I absolutely LOVE the play-by-play pictorial. Ben’s pic didn’t really show the true nature of the “bikini” (thanks for clarifying it’s roots, I was attempting to come up with something witty to say), but now I TOTALLY get it. This is basically a sandwich that can be made anywhere. crappy ham + crappy cheese + crappy bread + butter = hangover sandwich of the year.

    By the way, why in the world would a Spaniard even buy crappy ham? This brought a tear to my eye thinking that you have serrano and iberico at your fingertips and nooooo, the bikini calls for the processed crap! Thanks so much for visiting our blog – I hope you come back often! We need more ‘international’ visitors (especially from Spain as we’re mildly obsessed w/ Spain).

    amy @

  5. Really there is some excellent jamon dulce here although an authentic bikini would have the most processed crap possible – I just can’t do it though, and need some higher quality stuff. Serrano or iberico just wouldn’t work though as it all needs to melt together. Have you ever tried guisantes con jamon? It’s real cheap food with iberico and works to perfection, although probably doesn’t cut it in the hangover cure league. IMHO the only Spanish resaca cure is gazpacho…

    BTW anyone interested in good grub should check out

  6. Jonathan said it all for us and this post is brilliant! This sandwich is the closest that I’ll ever get to a bikini! 🙂
    I’m so glad we have your site as an awesome guide to Spanish foods!

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