“Albondigas de relleno”


On Jan 6th (King’s Day in Spain) we were making a roasted chicken with stuffing. As usual we made too much stuffing mix and didn’t what to do with the excess. My suegra (mother in law) came up with the idea to make albondigas (“meat”balls) so she beat an egg, rolled small balls of the stuffing into it, rolled them in flour and deep-fried them in a wok with vegetable oil.


They were fantastic. I can’t give you the exact portions of the ingredients because we’d already stuffed the chicken so here are the original ingredients for the stuffing – make as many as you want, but be careful as they’re addictive.


100g chopped apple
2 large onions
200g pitted prunes
15g butter
125ml olive oil
2.5 cups of breadcrumbs
4tbls parsley
4tbls sage
2tbls rosemary
2tbls thyme
salt & black pepper

Finely chop the onions & cook in the oil & butter until translucent. Meanwhile chop the prunes and finely chop all the fresh herbs.
When the onions are ready, mix all the ingredients in a large bowl. If the stuffing doesn’t hold together when you take a handfull, add warm oil or butter. If you leave out the butter,and maybe add a little more olive oil, you have a vegan dish.

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